Best Paper Award goes to AI MAINZ

At the CIPA2023 Sym­po­sium, which took place from 25th to 30th of June 2023 in Flo­rence (Docu­men­ting, Under­stan­ding, Pre­ser­ving Cul­tural Heritage: Huma­nities and Digital Technolo­gies for Shaping the Future) the out­stan­ding rese­arch at AI MAINZ in coope­ra­tion with the Uni­ver­sità di Bologna have just been reco­gnized with the Best Paper Award GeoResSpe­cial Ses­sion.

The award-win­ning paper sub­mitted by Prof. Piotr Kuro­c­zyński and col­leagues enti­tled Sci­en­tific Refe­rence Modeldefi­ning stan­dards, metho­do­logy and imple­men­ta­tion of serious3d models in archaeo­logy, art and archi­tec­ture history, deals with the digital sources-based3D recon­struction of des­troyed and/​or unrea­lized archi­tec­ture and trans­lates them intoprac­tice-ori­ented working method, which is cur­r­ently being put to the test at several Euro­pean uni­ver­sity loca­tions in the EU pro­ject CoVHer (Link: https://​covher​.eu/).

The con­fe­rence in Flo­rence was fol­lowed bysuc­cessful final pre­sen­ta­tion (dis­pu­ta­tion) of the doc­toral thesis of Irene Caz­zaro, which was super­vised by Piotr Kuro­c­zyński, toge­therwith Fabrizio Apol­lonio. They also super­vices the coope­ra­tive PhDs of Igor Bajena.

All inte­rested par­ties are also invited to get to know the EU pro­ject CovHer at the 9th and10th sep­tember 2023 at the sci­ence market in LUX pavi­lion in the city centre of mainz.

Link zum paper:‑2 – 2023/895/2023/i­sprs-archives-XLVIII-M‑2 – 2023-895‑2023.pdf

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